Friday, October 26, 2012


I know I said I wasn't going to post until Monday, but I can't not.  This is too important.

We all know that there was no reason for Ambassador Chris Stevens to be so poorly defended in Benghazi.  Now we have some more information to add to that.  First is this, via the Washington Post, that we had a Predator Drone over Benghazi while the attack was occurring. 

Take that in for a moment.  Between that and the emails released by Fox, we know that the White House knew about the attack as it was taking place.  They knew it was a coordinated terror attack, not "mob" because of a video.  They watched it happen in real-time.  And then Barack Obama went to bed.

Next is this piece, reported by Bloomberg.  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta claims that "a lack of intelligence" prevented the Administration from ordering military support that night.  Consider that.  They'd been forewarned of the attack.  Based on the emails they'd received that night, they knew terrorists claimed responsibility.  They had a predator drone in the area, with a live feed of what was happening.  But this skidmark of a SECDEF wants you to believe we didn't have enough intelligence to act to save our own people.

And now there's a report, from Fox News, that two former SEALS with the CIA detachment, acting against orders, went to assist.  There, they had a laser on the very mortar which killed them, and were denied support three times.

Barack Obama and his Administration chose to let US Diplomatic personnel and armed services personnel die, rather than send in support.  The reasons they gave for that do not make any sense.

They are traitors to the United States.  They placed our enemies' well-being, and their political desires above the lives of our men on the ground.  There can be no clearer "aid to the enemy" than choosing not to send soldiers and allowing your own people to die.

Barack Obama is a Traitor, as are Hillary Clinton, and Leon Panetta.  At least.

They shouldn't just be voted out of office.  Once President Romney takes office, they should be arrested, tried for treason, and executed.

Update: Corrected the identification of the servicemen- they were CIA, not Marines.

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  1. I was hesitant before about the calls for Treason, but not anymore. This is just obscene. It's f*cking criminal. Somebody should hang for this.

    I honestly wonder what this will do to our SpecFor guys in the field? Will they refuse missions?