Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Video and Media Malfeasance

The News is that it wasn't News

Sean Hannity released a video, taken in 2007 after the Reverend Wright controversy had begun to come out in which he makes an incredibly divisive speech.  In addition, he praises Wright as a friend and mentor.  Hardly in line with the distancing which would happen just scant weeks later.

However, the story isn't the video.  The story is the Media. 

Various outlets had access to this video in 2008.  Websites ran an edited version back then, certainly had the Media been doing the job of vetting Barack Obama, they could have obtained the full video.  Instead, they provided cover for every racist utterance of Barack Obama's, and then gave him a complete pass on the obvious lies he told in distancing himself from the man he had previously described as a friend.

They never reported on this story.  Indeed, unless forced, they never reported anything negative about Mr. Obama.  But now they're claiming it's "old news."  You see, this happened way back in 2007- a whole 5 years ago.  It's ancient history.  It has no bearing on today.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

The fact is that the Media is not the objective organization it claims to be.  The Media has been liberally biased for over a generation, but never to the overt extend they are now.

I don't care about how racially divisive the speech was.  I know that Barack Obama hates white people.  He said it in one of his books- "White men's greed..." after all.  He threw his own grandmother under the bus.  He claimed that rural, Bible-believing gun-owners clung to "their religion, or their guns, or their antipathy to people who aren't like them." 

I care that the Media covered all that up as best they could.  I care that the Media downplayed it to get him elected.  And I care that they're trying to do the same thing now. 

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