Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama's Economy: About Last Week's Jobless Claims

Whoops.  Last week, the BLS reported an unbelievable drop in jobless claims.  A "mere" third-of-a-million families had someone in them who had lost their jobs.  The BLS almost immediately admitted those numbers were false, and that one state had not reported some numbers.  It was speculated that California was the culprit.

Well, the answer has come- yes, California was the culprit.  Apparently some applications for unemployment were "delayed" in processing, and so were not reported.  Now that that those have been caught up, the new jobs numbers have come in: 388,000, the highest in four months.  Three hundred eighty-eight thousand families have someone who was working last week, who is not working this week.

I'll leave others to speculate on why California did not complete their processing on time.  That state is enough of a CF that I'd be willing to believe just about anything.  That's really not important.

What is important is this: while Barack Obama and the democrats keep crying "SQUIRREL!" over something new every week, we are still hemorrhaging jobs.  Four years into Barack Obama's term, we still have 7.8% "official" unemployment.  Real unemployment is still over 14.5%.  Workforce participation is still at record lows.

And instead of doing his job, Barack Obama is sitting down for a hard hitting interview with... The Daily Show.

I understand he's running for a second term (God, please, save us from such a doom) and he has to be out campaigning.  But The Daily Show?  Seriously?  While people are losing their jobs, while we have record low workforce participation, while we're dropping 10 people from the workforce for every one who is added, the President is going to go slow-jam the news again?  While regulations that he supported are strangling businesses both large and small, while corporations (both large and small) are fleeing the crippling corporate taxation in the US, while small businesses are opting to drop employees' hours or go out of business all together to avoid the crippling burdens of ObamaCare, he's going on a freaking comedy show?

This is just one more example of the disdain in which he holds the American people.  He can crow all he wants about "binders of women," the simple fact is this economy is crushing the American People, and he's done everything he could to make it as bad as possible.

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