Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden: Don't Worry, Al Qaeda, We'll Be Out of There Soon Enough!

In last night's VP Debate, the question of how to continue in Afghanistan came up.

Now, for full disclosure, I'm part of the "F them, let them handle it, bomb them to glass if they get out line again" wing.  I think we're slightly outnumbered though.

Paul Ryan said, "Hey, look, we'd like to be out by 2014 as well but a) we can't guarantee that because we don't know what conditions on the ground will be and b) even if we could guarantee it doing so would just be saying to Al Qaeda, 'hang in there!  We'll leave soon enough.'"

When it was his turn Joe Biden continually reiterated "Yep, it's a date certain.  We don't care what the facts on the ground say.  We don't care that the Afghan military seems to be increasingly in the employ of Al Qaeda.  We don't care what happens to the afghan people.  We're leaving in 2014." 

He never refuted anything that Ryan said.  He never even attempted to.  One must conclude, then, that he agrees.

He agrees that setting a date certain will ignore any inconvenient facts on the ground.  He agrees that the Afghan army is unreliable, at best.  He agrees that Al Qaeda will undo all the gains made in Afghanistan.

And he doesn't care.  He doesn't care about the sacrifice of our troops.  He doesn't care that they will have died for their country, and their country will be letting them down.  He doesn't care that we made promises to the Afghan people on which we are going to renege. 

He only cares about what is politically good for the Administration.

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