Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Such A Failure?

The Real Reason Obama Fell Flat

By now, the Liberals' spin has gone from weak, to desperate, to sad, to delusional.  The current spin is that "That's wasn't the real Mitt Romney."  Excuse me, but my Irony meter just broke.

But let's set that aside.  Obama wasn't bad because of lies.  He wasn't bad because Jim Lehrer wasn't a good moderator (he wasn't, but that was actually a point in Obama's favor).  He wasn't bad because of high altitude, or because he was distracted, or because he was tired.  Obama was bad for three reasons.

Reason 1: He's a SCOAMT.  QED.
Reason 2: a) Facts b) Math.

The real reason, though, well beyond the other two, is that Liberals give Conservatives no credit for thought.  They project their own emotional responses on us, and expect that we're BSing just as much as they are.  Liberals just don't understand Conservative positions.  So when he chose John Kerry to represent Mitt Romney in his debate prep, he really thought he was picking the best possible choice.  Unfortunately for him, John Kerry has virtually nothing in common with Romney.  Given this, and the fact that Kerry probably has never bothered to try to understand what Conservatives believe, he was sorely unprepared.

The flip side of that, however, is that Conservatives do tend to understand Liberal positions.  So when Mitt Romney was preparing, that preparation was against someone who had bothered to understand the other side, and had really tried to represent the oppositions positions.

This combination meant that Romney was well prepared and ready for lines of attack, if not for specific soundbites, but Barack Obama was not.  Obama came in prepared to fight the caricature of Romney that the Liberals had constructed.  Indeed, he believes that's the "Real" Mitt Romney, and that the guy who showed up last night was some simulacrum.

As far as I'm concerned, they can keep believing that.  It should make the next smack-down even more epic.

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