Monday, October 29, 2012

Treason: Weasel Words from Obama

Let's get it out there at the beginning.  I believe that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at least, are guilty of Treason against the United States of America.  By not providing additional security to the Libyan diplomatic delegation, especially the Benghazi office, they paved the way for the September 11th murder of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador.  By pushing the narrative that a YouTube video was to blame, including having the maker of the movie arrested during a midnight raid, they provided crucial cover for more than a week for the terrorists who killed our personnel.  And, as of Friday, we know that someone in the administration gave the "Stand Down" order to prevent a rescue operation from attempting to save the Ambassador and other staff.  Given that Mr. Obama was in the Situation Room with a live feed of the events, even if he is not the one who gave the order to stand down, that order was issued on his authority; had he disagreed with the order, he was in the position to over ride the order and authorize the rescue attempt.  He chose not to do so.
Can there be any greater "aid and comfort" than not sending our forces to kill the enemy while they are engaged in an attack on our personnel, and THEN attempting to shift blame from the monsters responsible to a video? 

And now the spin and weasel words begin.  Actually, they began on Friday.  In an interview with a Denver TV Station, Barack Obama was asked directly if he denied requests for assistance during the 7 hour attack.  Here's the exchange:

No direct answer.  And why didn't he answer directly?  Because he couldn't.  If the answer is yes, that the requests were denied, the uproar would be heard for an immediate impeachment.  Failure to answer that call would doom Democrats for years to come.  If the answer was "no," then the follow-ups would have started.  "Then who did deny the request?"  "If the requests weren't denied, why didn't help arrive?"  And so forth.

The truth is that Barack Obama is the Commander-in-Chief, as well as head of the diplomatic corps.  That means the buck stops with him.  He either ordered the stand down, or accepted it.  Now, will anyone else- anyone in the National Media, perhaps, ask these same questions?

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  1. I think the JEF demanded the order to send support to Benghazi be reserved to him, and then he refused to give it. In other words, he voted "present". So then he can say I did not refuse aid. He never said no, he refused to answer at all.

    I would like someone to interview Patraeus and Gen Ham