Monday, October 8, 2012

Obama Campaign Enabling Credit Card Fraud, Report Says

Also violating Election Law

Via the Daily Caller, from the Government Accountability Institute, is a report on Barack Obama's campaign support website  This website is owned by the Obama Campaign, and accepts online donations for Mr. Obama.  Two problems- it never verifies that the donation is from someone who can legally donate in US elections (that is: it accepts foreign donations) and it never validates the Credit Card CVV number.

These are huge problems, for the campaign.

If Obama is accepting foreign donations, that is in direct contravention of US Election law.  It is a Federal Felony for a good reason.  Do we really want the Chinese to have that direct a roll in our Elections?  How about Hugo Chavez?  Al Qaida?  If foreign donations are accepted, there is no telling who is supporting someone for president.

Which moves to the second point.  According to the same report, the website does not validate the CVV number for credit card donations.  I'm required to give the CVV number to buy a pizza online.  I have to give that to purchase something from Amazon.  The CVV number is the most basic validation possible that someone at least actually has physical possession of the credit card they're using.  For those unaware, the CVV number is the last several numbers on the back of your credit card.  Without this number, a fraudster may simply have obtained the credit card number, or somehow made a copy of the front of a card.  For someone who has physical possession of a credit card, providing the number is trivially simple.  That means that not obtaining that number is positively inviting fraud.

Barack Obama isn't merely allowing China to influence the campaign; he's allowing Identity Thieves and credit card fraudsters to do so as well.  Congress should investigate this and stop it immediately.  The Obama campaign should face whatever sanctions are provided for in law, and these problems must be corrected forthwith.

To do any less is to provide less security for our own elections than either Iraq or Afghanistan have for theirs.


  1. CVV #'s are just another way for the man to disenfranchise the votes of my peeps!

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