Monday, October 1, 2012

Socialist Semi-Dictator Chavez: "Obama would vote for me."

It isn't surprising that Venezuelan Dictator-in-all-but-name Hugo Chavez would vote for Barack Obama if he were an American citizen.  The Democrat party has long been to the Socialists what the Republican party is to Libertarians- the place where they vote if they want to vote for someone with any chance of winning.  That's neither surprising, nor really noteworthy. 

What is noteworthy is that Chavez claims that Obama would support him.  This is the same Chavez who has nationalized industry, shut down the free press, and routinely rams through legal changes which make it easier for him to keep power.  He is the direct antithesis of what any President should be, and his political machinations should make every American shake with rage.  Yet he states, confidently, that Barack Obama would vote for him.

And he has plenty of evidence for that stance, given Mr. Obama's behavior- both directly toward him, and in general.  Mr. Obama is on the record opposing free speech that offends Muslims.  It's one very tiny step from that to opposing free speech generally.  Mr. Obama has awarded cronies cushy positions and monetary awards- something that would make him right at home with Socialists of all stripes.  Just like Mr. Obama, Mr. Chavez lives large off his people, while those same people struggle to make ends meet.

So, this November you can vote for one of two candidates- one who would support and vote for a Socialist Dictator-in-all-but-name, or one who would not.

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